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Ben (non verificato)

Very disappointing. My understanding is that the ILCA was having difficulty getting boats from LP for events in LP territories, and tried hard. And that there have been ongoing supply issues in non-euro LP territotires. And that WS+IOC imposed FRAND, else no more Olympics. So a united ILCA World council (at the time) proposed: "The Proposed Class Rule Change Change the ILCA Class Rules, Part 1, as follows: Definition of Builder: A Builder is a manufacturer that [has the rights to use a Laser trademark,] is manufacturing the hull, equipment, fittings, spars, sails and battens in strict adherence to the Construction Manual, and has been approved as a [Laser] Builder by each of World Sailing and the International Laser Class Association. If approved, other class rules affected by this rule change will be modified to be consistent with the amended definition of Builder. This will include all rules covering the brand name of the equipment." with folks voting on the stuff in square brackets being deleted. It's sad that these people do not empathize better with the difficulties facing leaders of a global organization. I don't think their intentions are nearly as evil as this biased article implies. Unless the author wants out of the Olympics, because a No vote seems to make that more probable.